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This is the ROM Properties Page Shell Extension online image database.

This site contains images used by rom-properties when thumbnailing certain types of ROM images, e.g. Sega Mega Drive.

The general directory format is as follows:


Some systems, e.g. gb (Game Boy) and c64 (Commodore 64), use a slightly different format, which is documented in the rom-properties source code.

If you use RPDB images in your own application, please give credit to GerbilSoft and rom-properties for providing the images.

If your application downloads directly from RPDB, please set the User-Agent field to describe your application accurately. For example, rom-properties uses the following user-agent:

rom-properties/2.2 (Gentoo; Linux x86_64)

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[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]32x/2021-05-31 01:44 - Sega 32X
[DIR]c64/2022-01-03 20:26 - Commodore 64
[DIR]c128/2022-01-03 20:26 - Commodore 128
[IMG]favicon.ico2022-08-25 13:06 35K 
[DIR]gb/2020-03-24 19:10 - Nintendo Game Boy (Color)
[DIR]gba/2020-03-14 17:17 - Nintendo Game Boy Advance
[DIR]mcd/2021-06-01 14:47 - Sega Mega CD
[DIR]mcd32x/2021-11-04 10:28 - Sega Mega CD 32X
[DIR]md/2021-05-30 13:33 - Sega Mega Drive
[DIR]ngpc/2020-09-26 01:19 - Neo Geo Pocket (Color)
[DIR]pico/2021-06-03 23:28 - Sega Pico
[DIR]ps1/2023-11-20 16:02 - Sony PlayStation
[DIR]ps2/2023-11-20 16:01 - Sony PlayStation 2
[DIR]snes/2020-06-15 01:00 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
[DIR]sys/2022-10-12 10:09 - rom-properties system files
[DIR]ws/2021-03-31 18:36 - Bandai WonderSwan (Color)

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